A naruto RPG that takes place in the past, before the great Konohagakure
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 The Anatomy of a Quality Post

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PostSubject: The Anatomy of a Quality Post   Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:23 pm

AS written by another person, which I found quoted by another person on another forum. This seems legit enough to help everyone understand what a good post looks like. It's NOT laws, but I find really helpful for myself in my writing, maybe you would too.

Quote :
"I apologize if anyone has a problem with me having made this an announcement, considering its not really Character Creation info."

"The Anatomy of a Quality Post

Parts of a Good Post
These components do not need to be addressed in this order, or as separate paragraphs or anything weird like that. So don't mistake my meaning.

1. Reaction
Read! Read, read, read! Read all previous posts thoroughly and then react to what has happened. Remember, you don't need to react 'out loud' to every individual action. Make a writerly choice about what specifically is worth reacting to. React with internal dialog. Notice things in your own narration. Be sure to integrate any changes in environment (closed doors, someone standing up, dragon now breathing fire, etc) into what you write. When you pay attention to what others have written, not only does it give your fellow writers a warm fuzzy feeling, it binds your post to theirs in an inextricable way.

2. New Action
Something needs to occur in the post to move the thread forward. Introduce something new. New dialog, new action. Something must happen. One common pitfall is to write a great deal reacting to what has already happened in the thread and the post ends without pushing forward in time. Always push the thread forward in time, give your fellow writers something new.

3. Internal Dialog
Describe what your character thinks and feels about what is going on around them and the actions they decide to take. This doesn't always mean a lengthy flashback, of course.

Traits of a Good Post

1. Good Pacing
The post moves along and is fun to read. Not too much time is spent on any one thing. The post doesn't take up too much 'time' nor does it occupy 'zero' time. There is a good balance of internal action and actual action. The post is both introspective and filled with happening.

2. Correctness & Clarity
The grammar and spelling are correct. Paragraph breaks are logical and make the post easy to read. It is clear who is talking and what has happened. The details of the post are also logical considering the characters and setting. Technically, the post does not break rules like deviating from canon, god-modding or restricted material.

3. Rich Narration
The writing is interesting and goes beyond basic dictation of action. There is ample, relevant detail (not too much! Be picky!). Sentences are varied and cliches are avoided. The writer has come up with a creative perspective or way of describing something mundane. The writer is able to trade deftly between direct and indirect dialog

4. Tone & Style
The writer is not only able to write about what their character does, but their writing is in the style and tone appropriate to their character. Lofty Ministry officials will not only speak in elevated tones, but the description surrounding them will also carry that same overtures. He or she will also notice things a different character might not, or vice versa. Perhaps a skewed tea cup would catch her eye.

The writer has made deliberate choices about what to include and what to omit. Only write about what is relevant and what is important. Don't mention things that are merely trivia. Role-players should be choosy about when to flash back, or when to speak about their characters' hair.

Few Things to Avoid
Too many Don'ts can be tiresome, so here are just a few.

1. Overlap
Avoid excess overlap between your post and the ones before. You should spend the majority of your post in the present, and only a small part ruminating over past events in the thread.

2. Beginning Threads With Boring Situations
No one is likely to join a thread where nothing is happening. Steer well clear of reading by the lake, looking for something to do, or bumping into someone random. Begin your threads with purpose! Don't wait around for something interesting to happen to you.

3. Dialog Splinching
splinch v. /splitʃʰ/
splinched, splinching
from obsolete Gobbledegook shplinch to divide a pork dinner; circa 1213
1. to lose part of one's body as a result of Apparition.
2. to intrusively cut apart
Your character should begin speaking only after the character before you has finished. Empathetic 'hmms' and 'I sees' can be inserted without harm. But be sure not to insert any major dialog into another characters'.

Documentation by dinn of RPG-D and Absit Omen."

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Hakuzi Kiriku
Hakuzi Kiriku

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PostSubject: Re: The Anatomy of a Quality Post   Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:52 pm

I apologize if anyone has a problem with me having made this an announcement, considering its not really Character Creation info.
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The Anatomy of a Quality Post
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