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 Combat Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Roleplay Rules   Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:31 pm


Naruto Origins: Clans at War is a statistical RP site that has a system of rules that makes GM, cheating, admin/mod favoritism literally IMPOSSIBLE even if someone tries it. Heck, you don't even need the admins and mods. Think of it as a video RPG game (like Heroes Of Might and Magic or Final Fantasy Tactics) except you write words instead of using a controller/keyboard/mouse. Best thing about it is that, unlike in video RPG games, you have complete freedom. And you don't follow a preset story, you shape it as it goes.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:10 am

Stats and Battle Points

There are always 2 issues that are at the root of all roleplay related arguments. How strong is a ninja and how many actions is he allowed to make in 1 post? People usually say "use common sense", but when 2 or more people who have different opinions on what "common sense" is...well that's when fights break out and a mod/admin is forced to come and resolve the dispute (or close the topic).

By clearly defining these 2 parameters, GM and meta-gaming and admin favoritism and all other forms of cheating not only become difficult, but impossible (unless someone is capable of bending the laws of mathematics, in which case we have bigger problems than RP cheating).

Stats are meant to represent a ninjas physical and mental capabilities. There are 4 physical stats(PS) (Stamina, Strength, Agility and Perception) and 4 knowledge stats(KS) (Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Kekke Genkai(KG) if he has one). In the spoiler below you will find a detailed description of what every stat does or what it reflects:
-So how do these "Stats" influence the actual gameplay?
Simple. All fighting is done using jutsus (even basic actions like dodging and throwing weapons are represented with jutsu) and these jutsus will have variables. Take this jutsu for example:

Name: Simple Melee (un)armed attack
Type: Basic action
Description: A single or a small combo of punches and kicks or stabs and slashes with a held weapon.
Stamina cost: 1
Attack power: Str+½Agl+¼Prc

So all you do is replace Str, Agl and Prc with your ninja's Strength, Agility and Perception stat. Lets say your ninja's Stats were 12, 10 and 4. That means the attack power of this jutsu would be 18 (12+5+1 = 15). There are also defensive jutsus with "defense power" instead of "attack power" that are used to defend yourself and they work in the same way. Just replace the variables.

When an attack and defense type jutsu clash (and the attack is stronger), the difference between the 2 becomes "damage". Bear in mind that this was just a simple jutsu, more powerful jutsus (such as tai, nin or genjutsus) also require knowledge stats and may have other effects.

1 post lasts about 10~20 seconds in real time (not counting anime-like monologs or flashbacks or inner thinking). Battle points (BP for short) represent how many actions a ninja can make in 1 post. Though it wasn't mentioned in the example above, every jutsu costs a certain amount of BP (Ex: throwing Kunai 1 BP, casting a C rank ninjutsu 4 BP, ect...).

In the next post you can find how to improve a ninja's Stats and BP.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:23 am

Growing Stronger

On this site ranks are just titles, the ninja level represents how powerful someone is (Naruto is still a genin yet he's one of the most powerful ninja in the manga/anime).

As you train, role play, complete missions, defeat enemies, ect... your ninja gains experience points (EXP) and once it has enough EXP the ninja "levels up". Whenever thins happens the ninja gains an additional 10 PS and 5 KS which you can allocate any way you want (you can put them all on 1 stat or spread them around).

Whether because of skill or nerves, its logical that inexperienced low level ninja would perform fewer actions than battle hardened high level ninja. Below is a list of how much BP, based on his level, a ninja gets at the start of every post:
There are some enemy actions and jutsus which can reduce your BP, but no matter what BP can never fall below half of the BP you gain from your ninja level. Up to 2 unused BP from 1 post can be transferred into the next.

Ninjas are human (powerful humans, but still human) which is why each Physical stat has a cap of 150 points and each Knowledge stat a cap of 100 points. Bonus stats from equipment/jutsus/skills/ect... don't count towards the cap. When you first create your ninja you start at level 0 and all your stats are 0, except for stamina. You start out with 50 stamina and the cap for it is 200 instead of 150.

In the spoiler below is a list of ways of earning EXP as well as required EXP before a ninja can level up:
In addition to Stats, every ninja can also have skills, which will allow you to further customize and make him one of a kind. These skills have varying effects such as: the ability to perform handseals faster; increase resistance to genjutsus; allows you to perform handseals with 1 hand ect... The list of all the skills invented so far is here.
There are 3 types of skills: Free, Regular and Prestigious.
-A ninja can have as many free skills as he wants, but their effects are usually nothing special.
-Regular skills have powerful effects, which is why a ninja can have only 9 of them.
-Prestigious skills are EXTREMELY powerful. A ninja can only have 1 Prestigious skill.

Getting more ninjutsu related skills will make him a ninjutsu specialist, getting more taijutsu related skills will boost that area. If you get 3 regular ninjutsu, 3 medic nin and 3 puppetry related skills then your ninja will be good at using ninjutsus, healing and puppets but NOT AS GOOD as someone who took 4 puppet and 5 medic related jutsus (but that person wouldn't be able to use ninutsus like you do). It all comes down to to how envision your ninja, what you want him to be.

NOTE: Skills and stats have a close relationship so try to match them. Getting taijutsu related skills would be a waste if your Strength and Taijutsu knowledge were low wouldn't it?

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:14 am

Money, the True Power

-What do I need money for?
Rather than spend hours of writing long topics for each jutsu (which no one is ganna really read anyway), on this site money is going to be used for obtaining jutsus, items, skills, and other stuff. Whether you rent a scroll or buy a weapon from your village's shinobi shop OR you invent a jutsu, learn a skill, craft something yourself, there will still be a price to pay. If the latter doesn't seem to make sense because "you did it yourself" then think of the money you spent on it as everyday expenses (like food, apartment rent, clothes, furniture ect...).

-Quick question: Why buy stuff (jutsu) from the shinobi shop rather than doing it yourself?
Stuff in the Shinobi shop are much, much cheaper than if you do it yourself. The down side is that the variety of jutsu and items is limited, so you may not always find what you're looking for.

-How to obtain money!
Being a full time Ninja means you get salary, so every week (if you are active) you receive money from your village's council. Successfully completing missions is a much faster, but more dangerous way of earning money.
There are 2 things you need to know about missions:
1) The admin staff creates the missions. If someone doesn't like the choices laid out he can create his own mission which will have to be approved by the staff before they can be executed.
2) You cannot spam missions. After accepting a mission there is a cooldown period before you can accept another one:
-D Rank: One Day
-C Rank: Two Days
-B Rank: Four Days
-A Rank: Six Days
-S Rank: Eight Days

Missions are [important] topics, but if a high rank mission is taking way too long to complete, you may accept another low rank (D or possibly C) no-risk-involved mission in the mean time in a [casual] topic. The timeline of the low level mission will be treated as if it had happened before the high ranked one.

B, A and S rank missions are particularly difficult so don't take them lightly (the chances of running into PC ninja is very high). If there is more than 1 PC ninja on a mission then the reward money and EXP is split among themselves (unless the village council decides to give them extra reward money).

NOTE: There is no "minimum word count" for missions (regardless of their rank) because it isn't necessary.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:42 am

Genjutsu Guide

Genjutsus have "attack power" just like tai and ninjutsus but they don't inflict damage. Instead it just determines whether the jutsu was successful and how long it will last.

-How to deal with genjutsus.
Every ninja has an innate "resistance" to genjutsu, but if the jutsus attack power is greater than this "resistance" then the jutsu was successful.

Resistance = Gen knowledge + 1/2Perception

The more powerful genjutsu have a trigger (eye contact, hearing a sound ect...) which can be avoided by deliberately reducing your own perception (closing eyes, shutting ears ect...), however most of the time genjutsus cannot be avoided.

Before you say "well if I can't avoid it then I'm screwed" know that there are ways of dealing with genjutsu even after you are caught in one:
If you have multiple genjutsus on you (from different enemies) then only the one with the highest Gen power affects you. If they are from the same enemy then he chooses which one affects you. A single Kai dispels all genjutsus that would normally fall within the scope of its negating effect.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:05 am

Advanced Combat Rules and Tactics

A tired and injured ninja is weaker than a rested one, no?
Once your core Stamina points drop below 90% of its maximum, for every additional 10% drop your core Strength, Agility and Perception are also reduced by 10% and you lose 1 BP. Exhaustion penalties don't start in the same post the breach was exceeded, but rather in the next post.

Range is the distance between you and your opponent. This is important because most jutsus have a range restriction and won't work very good (or at all) if the distance between you and your opponent isn't just right (especially for taijutsus). The ranges are:
Melee = 0 meters (0 ft)
Close = 0~5 meters (0 to 16 ft)
Mid = 6~20 meters (19 to 65 ft)
Far = 20+ meters (65 ft +)
Basic movement actions allow you to decrease or increase the distance between you and your opponent by 5 meters at a time, while evasion/displacement jutsus might do so even more. Running sideways around your opponent will not decrease or increase the distance between you, but such repositioning may have other strategic advantages (read "Cheap Shots" for more info).

Your post is divided into "defense phase" and "offense phase". Defense phase comes first and is the part in your post where you respond to your opponent's attacks. Once you've dealt with the last attack you enter Offense phase, which is the part in your post where you launch your own attacks. Technically speaking, you CAN attack during a defense phase (attack at the same time your opponent attacks instead of defending), but doing so has its own ricks and advantages (read Reaction Time for more info).

-Reaction Time
Is it the same if the enemy is far away and uses a jutsu that requires a lot of handseals and if he's right next to you throwing a really fast punch? No, if he was far away them you'd have more time to cast your own jutsu, if he was close then you couldn't use a jutsu with lots of handseals. Rather than using "common sense", which as we all know can be interpreted differently, we use Reaction Time (RT for short) to measure how much time you have to respond to enemy attacks.

-How does RT work?
When you use a jutsu, 1 BP = 1 RT. This means if your available RT is 4 then you CAN'T use a jutsu that costs 5 or more BP (because the enemy jutsu would hit you before you can complete your own jutsu). You CAN use 1 jutsu with 4 BP cost, or 2 jutsu with 1 BP and 3 BP cost, or 4 jutsus with 1 BP cost each, or even just 1 jutsu with 1 BP cost if you think it'll be enough.

There is also one last risky option. Instead of defending, you attack while your opponent is attacking you. The system is not perfect so this will be treated as if you had used it during the Offense phase, however that attack will reduce your opponent's RT during his clash by the same amount that you sacrificed from your own RT during your own clash. Like I said, this is risky because it leaves you with less time to defend yourself, but if you can pull it off the payoff could be big.

-How to calculate RT?
RT = BP cost of enemy's attack + 1 per 5 meters range difference between you and the attack's point of origin + half of the unused RT from the previous clash

Some things can increase or decrease your RT, but no mater what, RT can NEVER go below 1. There are no auto-hits on this site.

When (smart) ninjas battle they will often attempt to reduce their opponent's perception with smoke bombs, genjutsus, explosions ect... because if they manage to reduce it enough and position themselves right, their attacks might receive "cheap shot" bonuses. List of "cheap shot" bonuses:
-Its easier to flank and get behind "Dazed" ninja.
-If the ninja is attacked from the flank, reduce Prc by 25% (visual penalty).
-If the ninja is attacked from the back, top or underneath, reduce Visual Prc by 100%.
-If Visual Prc is reduced to 0%, the ninja is "Blinded".
-If Auditory Prc is reduced to 0%, the ninja is "Deaf".
-RT can never go below 1, but if it would then that attack receives an extra 25% boost.

The average ninja relies mostly on his sight and somewhat on his hearing to get through a fight. Statistically, the average ninja's Perception Stat is composed 75% on visual and 25% on auditory awareness, meaning that if your Prc was, lets say, 40 then 30 of it will be visual and 10 auditory. So if an enemy jutsu that says something like: Reduce enemy Perception by 100% (auditory penalty), then that means you will only lose 10 Prc rather than all of it because only 10 of it was auditory.

Skills such as "Enhanced senses", "Vigilance" and "Total Awareness" greatly reduces the chances of an enemy obtaining a cheap shot bonus by increasing your Prc and converting part of your perception from one type into another (50% Visual, 50% Audio, or 50% Visual, 25% Audio, 25% Olfactory. Your opponent will have to reduce multiple senses instead of just focusing on visual, which is the easiest to manipulate.

The combat system is not all mathematics and no creativity. If your opponent makes an rp mistake, something you can exploit, then once per post you are allowed to add an "rp circumstance" bonus to some offense or defense jutsu. The bonus cannot be greater than your ninja level and if its abused (used too often, used when there was no rp mistake to exploit, always using maximum value, unable to justify its usage when questioned ect...) a mod or admin may take away this privilege or even impose a penalty on your current battle as punishment.

Examples of when it can be used:
-If your opponent's ninja is of a higher rank/level/strong clan/ect... and arrogantly says he doesn't think you'll be a worth challenge, or that you stand a chance against him, or w/e, you can add a circumstance bonus in your next attack because he was underestimating you, thus wasn't expecting such a skillful attack.

-If your opponent says his ninja is steaming with rage, you can use this as an excuse to add an rp circumstance bonus to the gen power of your next genjutsu because its easier to manipulate those who aren't in control of their emotions.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:56 am

Other minor stuff you need to know


Here are some less common things you need to know:

Expect that to happen quite often on this site, but don't worry all is not lost. If you do die, your new character will "inherit" some of the EXP and money from your previous character (even if they have nothing in common). You have 3 options:
  • A) 1/2 of the level your previous character had. Inherit 80% of the money he had.
  • B) 2/3 of the level. 60% money.
  • C) 3/4 of the level. 40% of the money.
-Multiple accounts
Yes you CAN have multiple accounts, but you can't have characters in different villages (like 1 in Kiri, 1 in Suna).

If you want to join a village then just tell someone from that village's council (pm, chat, open a topic, ect...) that you want to join...and that's it. That's all you need to do. If you died and this is you 2nd or 3rd or w/e character, you don't have to join the same village, you can join a new one and still keep the "inheritance".

If the village accepts you they will create an account for you at their shinobi shop. The default outlook of the account is in the spoiler below, but if you don't like it then send them a code of the outlook you do want. Every time you make a purchase or level up or want to change the weapons/armor your character has equipped, just ask a council member to edit your account accordingly.
-Ninja teams and multiple PC ninja on 1 team:
Ninja teams can have only have 1 leader and a leader can only have 2 subordinates regardless whether they are PC or NPC (some skills may bypass this rule). Only 1 team on each side may be present in a combat topic and the posting order is alternated between the 2. All members on every team act simultaneously, RPing is not necessary for NPCs, treat them as you would treat a clone.

Because of this, if there are multiple PC ninja on a team, the one currently making the post for his team will decide the actions of all the other PC ninja on his team (meaning he controls them as he would control the NPCs or clones). It is strongly recommended that only people who trust each other be placed on the same team. The posting order is decided among the team itself. If they want they can take turns or they may have only 1 person make the posts all the time or even whoever gets the chance to post first.

-Presence of water
The presence (or lack of) of water and snow on the field mostly affects on people using water and lightning jutsu. The more water there is around usually means more powerful jutsus and increased range (for lightning jutsu). Based on how much cubic centimeters (cc) of water there is within a 5m diameter land, there are 4 stages of water presence:
Level 1 -0~99cc, Not enough water around to make a difference
Level 2 -100~199cc, Some, but not much
Level 3 -200~299cc, Quite a lot of water
Level 4 -over 300cc, You're practically (if not literally) standing on water

Most water jutsu tend to gather the water from the environment itself. If the terrain has the necessary amount of water the jutsu requires then the jutsu works normally. If it has more than enough then the jutsu gets a boost, if less the it gets a nerf. Over time, used up water cc will regenerate (10% per round). Also, there is an option to forcefully suck out more water from the surroundings, but that would cause a permanent decrease in water presence in that area that won't regenerate for the rest of the battle.
NOTE: 1/4th of a fire jutsu's power temporarily evaporates an equal amount of water cc in its area of effect. In case of snow it turns it to water (half as effective on ice). Water jutsu replenish/adds water cc in their areas of effects.

-Terrain and Weather Conditions:
Fighting in a desert and fighting in a forest can’t possibly be the same. Same goes if it’s day or night. Believe it or not but I integrated that too in the system:

Time of day and Weather:
Terrain Conditions:
-Core Stat points are only those you got from leveling up and the stat cap only applies to them. Temporary Stat boosts from skills, equipment or jutsus don't count as core stat points.

-Poison smoke/gas: Successfully catching your breath before the poison is unleashed depends on how soon you detect it (thus how long you can hold it). Normally, if you have full knowledge of how, when and from where the poison will be unleashed, you can hold your breath for as many rounds as 1/10th of your current Stamina. For each unforeseen variable you increase the reciprocal by 10 (Example: If the poison bomb was thrown at you from your flank by a hidden enemy, you can only hold your breath for as many rounds as 1/30th of your current Stamina instead of 1/10th). Every round you spend inhaling the poison increases the infection level (light>medium>critical).

-Performing jutsus/actions while holding your breath increases their Stm cost by twice the BP cost of said jutsu/action. You also can't use "Rest" while holding your breath.

-Drowning/suffocating: You can hold your breath for as many rounds as
1/10th of your current Stamina if you were
voluntarily/prepared/forewarned before entering the hostile environment
(underwater/sand ect...). For each unforeseen variable you increase the
reciprocal by 10. After that you start drowning/suffocating.
Drowning/suffocating causes 10 fatigue points the first round, then 20
then 30 and so on until it reaches 0 or you come out.

-Falling: If you fall from somewhere you receive damage equal to your Weight of equipment + Height - your Strength.

-List of different types of damage:

  • Fatigue - In short, its how tired you are. Its the used up stamina for your actions and jutsus. You reduce "Fatigue" with the "Rest" action (or other similar skills such as the Gate of Healing jutsu for example).
    Ingame effect: Contributes to "Exhaustion penalties". Easy to get rid of.
  • Normal damage - Plain and simple, whenever you get hit by an enemy attack it damages your body.
    Ingame effect: Contributes to "Exhaustion penalties". Harder to get rid of than "Fatigue".
  • Exhaustion - As you get more tired and injured you tend to get weaker. Exhaustion is your "Normal Damage" + your "Fatigue".
    Ingame effect: Once your core Stamina points drop below 90% of its maximum, for every additional 10% drop your core Strength, Agility and Perception are also reduced by 10% and you lose 1 BP. Exhaustion penalties don't start in the same post the breach was exceeded, but rather in the next post.
  • Bleeding Damage - When you do a lot of damage with a single attack you may cause your opponent to bleed extensively from an open wound (or internal injury). These are serious wounds which further cause harm and make "Rest" less effective and they do not heal by themselves unless treated. Its generally easier to inflict bleeding damage with blade and piercing weapons than with blunt weapons.
    Ingame effect: At the end of his every post the ninja receives 1 Normal damage for every 1 Bleeding damage he's sustained. Also, "Rest" recovers 1 fatigue point less for every 1 Bleeding damage.
  • Crippling Damage - Sustaining more damage to a specific part of the body (head, limb, chest, ect.) rather than equally all over it tends to reduce performance unexpectedly. Its generally easier to inflict crippling Damage with blunt weapons than with blade and piercing weapons.
    Ingame effect: For every 1 sustained crippling damage reduce a core stat by the equal amount. Unless the jutsu or weapon used to inflict the damage says specifically which stat to reduce, the one who receives the damage gets to choose.
  • Durability Damage - A dull sword or a worn out flak jacket is bound to be less effective than a brand new one.
    Ingame effect: Each time you attack with a weapon/tool/item the durability damage it receives is 1/10 of the opponent's defense (evasion doesn't count). Each time you are attacked and that attack managed to make physical contact with you your equipment receives durability damage equal to 1/10 of the attack power of the opponents attack. How you distribute that damage between your equipment is up to you, provided it makes sense. When an item's durability drops down to 50% its attack and defense power is halve and it loses its effect (if any), when it reaches 0 it breaks and becomes useless.
-Resting, Looting and Retrieving: In [important] topics, after a battle, you can choose to rest and recover (provided you have the necessary items/skills or a medic nin along) before traveling again (you have to announce it in big bald letters at the beginning or end of your post). If you don't, and are [intercepted] before you enter a friendly haven, then you will enter the next battle with the exact same fatigue and damage you had at the end of your last battle.

Discarded non-consumable items (kunai, shuriken, swords ect...) used in non-important topics, in which they were not destroyed somehow, are returned to you when you leave the topic. In [important] topics, after a battle, you have to announce in big bald letters at the beginning or end of the post that you choose to "search, retrieve and/or loot". This will allow you to: 1) get back all of your discarded equipment and/or 2) loot the body of your enemy (if you are with other PCs you make a deal who gets what).

The down side to all post battle activities is that each option adds a 3 hour cooldown before you can travel again (risky if you're in a hurry).

-During war, the kage or any council member can control any unassigned NPC in charge of protecting the village.

-Unless you have the ambidextrous skill (for small) or the appropriate fighting style (for medium and heavy), weapons in your off-hand have a 50% penalty.

-The durability of any village improvement is (level of the improvement)x100. During war, an invader can attack an improvement (provided he's in the right area and topic and is unopposed). If the improvement's durability drops to 0 then its level decreases by 1 (causing all of its perks to be lost) after which the durability is reset.

-There are some skills that make certain actions cost 0 BP (meaning they are considered a free action). You can only have 1 free action per round. If you use 2 free actions in a row (even if they are in different rounds) the cost for 1 of them will become 1 BP by default. An exception to this rule is the skill "Multitasking" which allows you to use multiple free actions in 1 round provided they are of different type.

-Normally, 1/5th of your Strength is converted into passive defense.

-To make things simpler, NPC ninja will only have fixed ninja levels equivalent to their ranks:
Genin - 10
Chuunin - 15
Spc. Jounin - 20
Jounin - 25
ANBU - 30
??? - 35.
You won't find level 16 chuunin or level 23 Spc chuunin because making so many varieties is too much of a bother.

Simultaneous attacks - If somehow 2 (or more) different attacks reach a ninja at the same time (doable by using clones, allies, pets, puppets, traps, delayed+fast jutsus ect...) they are still treated as separate attacks except they share the same RT (meaning there is only 1 clash calculation). Certain types of defenses (such as evasion and barrier defense jutsus) would apply to all attacks. Example: 3 clones (same distance, different location) throw a kunai, a senbon and a shuriken at some ninja and they would all reach him at the same time (54; 65; 58 Attack Power). The ninja dodges out of that spot (50 Defense Power).

Battle summary:
1st Clash: 54+65+58 VS 50x3+20(passive defense) = 7

Had the ninja used a deflection defense or an interception defense (which normally only applies to 1 attack) he'd have been decimated by the other 2 attacks.

-Moving out of range of enemy jutsus?
This could best be explained through an example:

Lets say 2 ninjas are in 0m range. The 1st ninja casts 3 melee taijutsus in a row (1 RT; 1 RT; 1RT) and the 2nd ninja uses an evasion jutsu to move 10m backwards (thus moving outside the range of the 2 following jutsu). In cases such as these, unless the 1st player gave specific instructions beforehand, it is assumed by default that the ninja who cast the taijutsus will run back into range using basic movement actions (this won't cost BP or stamina) and attack with the next taijutsu, which will receive a -25% penalty. Unless the 2nd ninja moved again, the battle that should have been (1 RT; 1 RT; 1RT) will become (1 RT; 3 RT, -25%; 1 RT).
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roleplay Rules   

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Combat Roleplay Rules
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