A naruto RPG that takes place in the past, before the great Konohagakure
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 Kyuubi's suggeston

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PostSubject: Kyuubi's suggeston   Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:10 pm

OK as TJ suggested ima evolve this.

We all come from a large village with allot of corruption, then we the three strongest shinobi steal all their money and go our separate ways that way the corrupt nation couldn't capture us all at one ad take the money back.

So eventually that corrupt nation breaks down into chaos and the clans go all over the place. We the now three strongest ninja, use our funds to establish ninja colonies in different areas of the world, and we also use our money to bribe the clans into joining us to rebuild the world.

But eventually something new will turn up.


and now we are each compete to obtain on of the sacred beasts that the ten tails was split into when that corrupt nation ended.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyuubi's suggeston   Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:27 pm

A world, with shinobi. War everywhere. The family, the clans of shinobi all at war with each other. Blood was spilled, both the innocents' and guilties'. Will the war ever stop? The shinobi had wondered, when the war seemed to be at it's worse, and seemingly unstoppable three shinobi, three legends rose and said with an almighty voice, ENOUGH! The three legendary shinobi had built three villages; as an attempt to keep the peace, to stop the war, to save bloodshed, to protect the innocent. Kirigakure, a village built out in the middle of the ocean. Konohagakure, built in the middle of the forest. Sunagakure, built in the middle of the desert.

Soon enough the shinobi must face new challenges, raging beast, with extreme power and chakra attacking random locations near the three great shinobi villages, each one having a set amount of tails, seemingly only nine beast, each having one more tail then the other. The beasts seemed to be ranked on how powerful they were by the number of tails it had, one being the weakest, nine being the most powerful. Now, will the villages be able to keep the peace? Will they be able to protect themselves from the raging tailed beast? What will you do to that involves the great shinobi villages. Naruto Orgins - Clans At War!
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PostSubject: Re: Kyuubi's suggeston   Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:35 pm

Ok, here's my idea for what the starting plot should be. Once the forum starts we will build upon it based on how people choose to RP:

Quote :
In the beginning...
...The 4th Shinobi world war came to an end when Madara was vanquished by the combined might of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, the 2 most powerful ninja of their time.

Naruto united all shinobi nations under one banner, the Uzumaki World Order. He married Hyuuga Hinata and sired a boy whom he named Jiraiya, in honor of his late sensei. Sasuke married Sakura Haruno who gave him a daughter, who they named Tsunade. Naruto was a just and noble leader and his reign was long and peaceful, but his true wisdom was shown when he married off his son to Sasuke's daughter, reuniting the bloodline of the Great Sage and ensuring that the peace he strived to build would last forever. This became known as the Golden Age.

At first his vision seemed to hold true. For centuries the descendants of Naruto and Sasuke formed the governing body of the Uzumaki World Order and ruled the world by hollowing the teachings of "The Great Naruto". But human nature must run its course. Greedy people who rose to power didn't like having restrictions placed upon them by someone stronger. Petty warlords could no longer invade or otherwise subvert other countries. "Stagnation!" they cried, "We want power!" they thought. Thus began the era of "The Shadow Wars".

Ambitious people and organizations went to extraordinary lengths to corrupt lesser segments of the Uzumaki World Order so that they would turn a blind eye while they waged "secret wars" on each other. Over time, this took its toll. The corruption spread. Parts of UWO began to identify themselves by their clans of origin. Soon the NWO was no longer a single organization, but a group of ninja clans held in line through sheer power by the Uzumaki clan (the former governing head of NWO). With each new generation the Uzumaki clan had to take harsher and harsher measures to maintain the peace. Time and unlimited power can corrupt even the noblest of ideas, the teachings of The Great Naruto began to blur, slowly at first, but steadily. Soon, the Uzumaki clan dismissed the authority of civilian governments altogether and became the undisputed tyrant of the world.

Like a pyramid hierarchy, the most powerful ninja whose bloodline was the purest took the throne by force from the previous ruler and controlled the world through vassals who in turn had many lesser members controlling some part of the world, who they in turn commanded the other clans (by force) to do the grunt work.

This could not go on for long.

One day, 3 children of the higher noble Uzumaki families cooked up a plan. Their bloodlines were diluted thus retaining little power from the original Naruto and Sasuke, meaning their chances of overthrowing the current Uzumaki despot were slim to none, with over 17 other children more eligible than them. Motivated ether by greed or revenge or ideals of justice (some families had not forgotten the original teachings of Naruto), these 3 ninja (Kino, Kuruma and Keiya) decided to organize all the subjugated clans and civilian government in a simultaneously coordinated attack against the top Uzumaki brass. The oppressed needed very little convincing. The day of the coup came and was successful.

...too successful.

Rather than just weakening the top circle enough for Kino, Kuruma and Keiya themselves to assume power, the Uzumaki clan was completely obliterated.

The Uzumaki's iron fist may have been cruel, but following its fall was utter chaos. Like a shaken champagne bottle, everything came spewing out when the cork was removed. Ninja clans each went their separate ways, countries waged open war, nations rose and fell, crime rose by 3000%. There was no law, just chaos.

From each of their mansions, Kino, Kuruma and Keiya, the last surviving members of the Uzumaki clan, watched the fall of civilization...And it was their fault. "All I wanted was to avenge my father" thought one, "The throne should have been mine!" berated another, "I just wanted to set the world back on track, like in the Golden Age" cried silently the last.

But despair, rage and grief soon turned into determination. Salvaging what was left of the Uzumaki's treasures, connections and political power, calling on favors from the clans they helped, the 3 ninja set out to fix the world. One way or the other.


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Hakuzi Kiriku
Hakuzi Kiriku

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PostSubject: Re: Kyuubi's suggeston   Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:06 pm

Hmm I know that future Naruto RPs are overused, but in the past would be boring and limiting. I agree with TJ's comments in the Future Thing topic, and have agreed with everything else so far. The systems could probably use some downgrading so they aren't so complex and "boring" one might say, but this plot mentioned by TJCID is amazing. I vote we use this plot and the current systems but uncomplicate them a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyuubi's suggeston   

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Kyuubi's suggeston
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